At the beginning, planning your trip remember few things: time, distance, tickets, weather, money..

Peppa Pig World in Paultons Park is located in Southampton approx. 80 miles from London. The easiest way to get there is of course by car, but in our case renting a car was not an option. We'd never drive in right hand site. If you also might have a problem with it, just consider getting there by train.

It's also a good idea to plan your trip in advance. You can book your entry ticket earlier (here) (including seasonal exhibition - Winter Wonderland, remember that they have limited tickets for this attraction).


When you are planning your trip (especially in winter time) remember that in December the whole park is closed at 4.30pm. There are lot of attractions, but you need time to get chance to enjoy it. The tickets to Peppa Pig World including Christmas Wonderland was about 68 GBP for 2 adults and 1,5 year old child.

the opening hours might change, please make sure you double check here


Our trip started from London, Kensington. The train departures from Waterloo station, and we   decided to get UBER instead of regular cab or tube to get there. Total cost 11,73 GBP from Kensington High Road.  From our experience, the tube in London is not highly accessible for parents with baby buggy/strollers. If you ale in London, and want to save some money on commuting we can highly recommend UBER application. Ordering a car using this application is so simple, and you do not need to have cash or even credit card with you. All you need is smartphone and number of your credit card. You can easily get a car in whatever place, because you will be visible on GPS. I just saved you some GBP :) Moving from Uber..
We have bought our tickets in advance, to save another GBP :) You can chose between slower and faster train. The faster train was about 79 GBP for 2 adults and 1,5 years old (return). We recommend to chose option "Open return". You don't want to be in a rush, and I am sure that if you are reading this- you know exactly how it is to traveling with kids.. The approx. time is 1h15m.

Tickets can be purchased online at

After arriving at Southampton Central Station, you can take a bus (X7) or take a cub. Unfortunately, UBER is not working here. If you want to take a bus you need to go on the other site of the tracks and wait couple of minutes on the X7 bus. (The bus stop is just in front of the train station on your right hand). Leave the bus at Ower. The price was 4,60 GBP (for 2 adults/ 14 minutes)

When you leave the bus at Ower, you will see some nice houses. Pass them, and turn right behind the Mortimer Arms building.

 Here you can find your bus schedule for coming back. Be careful! The last bus leaves at 4:25 pm at Saturdays! The bus is not operating at Sundays.

When you turn right you will get to a nice path right in the Paultons Park.

 Now you know, that you are so close! :)

This is main entrance. If you have your tickets with you, you can go directly there.

 If not, you need to buy/ pick up your tickets here.

Now you, can show your tickets, and enter the Paultons Park.

 Here is the guest information. You can rent a stroller/baby buggy here or take a taxi phone number (on the way back) You can also get this number from me :) 

Here you can see a line to Christmas Wonderland.

 I will not show you all photos, If you want to have a surprise. But if still intrested in more from oure visit in Peppa Pig World- you are more than welcome :)


London Kensington- Waterloo Train Station (by UBER) 11,73 GBP
Waterloo Train Station- Southampton Central Station - Waterloo Train Station  86 GBP
Entrance Tickets- 68 GBP
Attractions (optional) 5 GBP
Meal (optional - 1 meal for adult and 2x kids) 20 GBP
Peppa Pig Shopping.. (optional- medium size mammy pig and a set of 6 figures) in our case 20 GBP
Taxi from Paultons Park to Southampton Central Train Station 15 GBP
Taxi from Waterloo Train Station to our hotel 12 GBP

TOTAL: 237,73 GBP

When you not earn in GBP, it's quite a lot of money. Therfore...


We suggest, to make sure the weather would be fine. It would be much more fun with +20 C.  Also not every attractions are open at winter time. December has some advantages- you can meet Father Christmas at Winter Wonderland and get nice gift.If you are big Peppa Pig fan, you will remember the visit here for a long time.

Hope that you find here some useful informations. If you will visit Peppa Pig World, please share your feelings!

Sophie's mammy.

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